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If you are interested in joining us at BRC Area Qualifiers please read the following then see below for more details of the training and competitions that are available to you as a White Rose Riding Club Member.


Teams/Helpers *

• Please note that the BRC rules state that anybody ‘entering Area Qualifiers must be willing & able to compete at the Championships should they qualify.’ There are National Championships for all Qualifiers. The Combined Training, Summer Dressage & SJ are also Qualifiers for the Northern Regional Championship. The details of all Championships, i.e dates/venues are on the BRC website/Area 4 website.

• White Rose have to provide volunteers to help run the area qualifiers. We usually have to help at the show jumping & combined training (held at Bishop Burton early in the year) as well as providing fence judges at the show cross & horse trials, and helpers for the Northern Championship & National Championships. The helpers can be doing anything from tack checking, dressage writing, car parking, passport checking - you don’t need horse knowledge!

Following discussion with the committee, from now on, anybody wishing to be part of a team MUST provide the name of a helper to be considered.

"IF YOU WISH TO HELP but don’t know a team member - please LET ME KNOW & I’ll put your name on my list! If you wish to compete & don’t have friends/family willing to help - find a friend from the club! If you can’t find anybody at all as a helper I will have to put you down as the helper instead of a rider for one event each. Thanks!" - Sophie


Important rules to remember:


The British Riding Club's Rule Book is now online;

  • Hat rules - Pages 99-101 Riding in a competition, you must have had your hat checked by officials either at or before the show.
  • Whips - Page 101 You can only use the new regulation whips in competitions.
  • Vaccinations - Pages 19-20 Vaccinations are now 6 monthly.
  • Body protectors - Page 99.
  • It is your responsibility to read the rule book if you wish to compete at Area. BRC are very strict and if you do not comply you will simply not be allowed to compete on the day.



Training is run all year round, at the club field in the Spring and Summer months, and at Bishop Burton College through the Autumn and Winter.  We have a variety of trainers and activities, depending on what members want, and which events are coming up on the team front.

Training for Seniors and competent Juniors is on a Thursday Evening now up at the Club Field. We alternate each week between Flat Work and Jumping. It will be £10 for up to 6 in a group.

Training for Juniors and less confident Seniors or horses is on a Tuesday Evening same venue. Cash on arrival. No money no ride.




To book for training seniors please contact Sophie (07557785924) and juniors contact Anglea (07824429499).


If you wish to be considered for one of the club teams you will need to attend some of the training sessions.  Additional training may be organised for team members.  If you are selected to represent the club, then you will need to be able to provide a helper for the day of the event.  Riding Club Area Qualifiers and Regional and National Championships are run by volunteers. Each club is expected to provide a number of people to help with a variety of jobs including jump judging, writing for dressage, car parking, stewarding, tack checking, vaccination checking, or pole picking for example.


WRRC try to run teams for as many British Riding Clubs competitions as possible.  We have both Junior and Senior teams and also enter members as Individuals in various disciplines.  We go to Team Events where we compete against other Riding Clubs both Locally and Nationally, travelling to Richmond, Lincoln, Bishop Burton and Port Royal amongst other places, and further afield if we qualify for the Nationals.


Junior or Senior?


Junior - under 18 years on the 1st January of the current year

Senior - 18 years and over on the 1st January of the current year


What Teams do we run?



Junior - Prelim, Novice and Elementary level tests. Dressage to Music and Teams of Four/Pairs Dressage

Senior - Prelim, Novice and Elementary level tests. Dressage to Music and Teams of Four/Pairs Dressage


Riding Tests

Juniors and Seniors - Is a set Test to show competence of rider and their influence on the pony/horse.  Team and Individuals



Junior - Novice 80-85cm, Open 85-95cm.  Teams of Four ride two rounds each.

Senior - Novice 80-85cm, Intermediate 95cm-1m, Open 1.1-1.5m.  Teams of Four ride two rounds each.


Style Jumping

Juniors and seniors - max 85cm, Jump one round judged on style on the flat and over fences.  Teams of Four and Individuals


One Day Event

Junior - Novice 85cm, Intermediate 1m.  Teams of Four

Senior - Novice 85cm, Intermediate 1m, Open 1.10m. Teams of Four


Combined Training

Teams of Four with two competing Prelim test and jumping 75cm and two competing Novice test and jumping 85cm


Arena Eventing

Junior - 80cm and  90cm Team of Four and Individuals

Senior - 80cm and 90cm Team of Four and Individuals

Mixed Junior and Senior 70cm and 100cm Team

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